THE TEMPEST - QUT proposal
Undulating clouds can be things of beauty and portents of things to come. Bearers of rain and heralds of the storm.  Puffy white cumulus nimbus on a summer day can turn into a mass of ominous aqua green, violet blue clouds but their beauty is there for all to see in the colours of tequila sunrise yellow and the glow of sunset reds. Science in motion the full spectrum of Newtonian colour frequencies being revealed and trapped seen by the human eye, splendor, dread, summer, winter, sunset romances, sheets of rain the skies and clouds are linked to our very core.  The patina of age, the patterns of our landscape are defined by storms, water rain and the winds they ride on.
The restless energy of nature inspired our installation. Not only the clouds in all their formation but the rolling tempests of the sea and the sculptured landscape. The recent and past floods remind of the fragility of climate change and the importance of science in prevention, early detection and education of how to cope with a changing global conditions of La nina and El nino.
We would fill the Undercroft ceiling with the rolling forms of clouds, seas and landscapes. Made with intersecting planes of perforated aluminium, laser cut and formatted into sculptural shapes. Each matrix would have an individual LMX LED light source which offers infinite choice in colour and dimming capability. The very flexible programming would allow us to create lighting effects both day and night which emulate the all conquering power of nature. (see movie??). But also use the Natural Daylight as a a reflector on the Metlaic surface of the Shapes.
‘ Without light there can be no form.’ Tanizaki

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