Mcdermott Baxter light studio explores the intersection of light, shadow, architecture and the urban landscape. We seek out unusual, dark sites for our work, we are inspired by shadowy places untouched by light & full of mystery and romance. Our background in art, architectural lighting design and Industrial design allows us to create spectacle, mood & atmosphere. McDermott Baxter have completed projects all around the world in Germany, Norway, Seattle, Japan, Hong Kong and New Zealand. Our light art work has been published in lighting magazines internationally.
Ruth has a background in industrial design and is an experienced practitioner and educator in the field. She is currently completing a PHD in design with a focus on LEDs at the University of Technology, Sydney. Ruth has two works in the permanent collection of the Powerhouse Museum. Her artistic practice has now moved into site specific lighting installations from interior lighting design. Ruth has exhibited in Salone del Mobile representing Australia five times. 
Ben is a the architectural lighting designer of the partnership. Ben’s experience and passion for lighting explores new ideas and creating unique lighting opportunities within spaces. Ben has a Master’s of Science (Illumination Design) from the University of Sydney, a Masters of Industrial Design and Bachelor degree in Fine Arts from the University of New South Wales. Ben has been working in the lighting industry since 2009, he is a member of the IESANZ and has served on juries of the Illuminating Engineers Society Lighting Design Awards program. Ben lectures into the Industrial Design program at the University of Technology.
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