​​​​​​​Luminous Canopy creates dynamic patterns, textures and forms in response to changes in the wind. Participants pass underneath and hear a soundscape and are immersed by colour. The canopy is made from 10,000 translucent and reflective streamers which are illuminated by a RGB LED Over a walkway at Walsh Bay hangs a canopy made from a large net, from which 10,000 streamer elements are suspended, each 400 mm long. The streamers are made from a mixture of translucent and reflective white lightweight materials. LED lights programmed to change colour illuminate the canopy from both sides. As participants pass underneath, they hear tones from a natural soundscape and, looking up, see colour and changing surface patterns linked to the movements of the breeze.​​​​​​​                                  ​​​​​​​
Materials: 10,000 reflective streamers. 
Size: 20m x 3m.                                                                 
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