The section of the Hunter River is in need of remediation of the post industrial wasteland as there is currently limited access to the National Parks Wetlands to the north and this is a unique area to redevelop. The ecosystem is  built around oyster mangroves and mudflats biospheres.

The area is a conduit between the National Parks Wetlands and coal mining redevelopment and railway lines to the North East adjacent the south bank. As the shipyards are decommissioned there is an opportunity to use the concrete and transport to site via the railway line. New technology that Boral and UTS are developing with 3d printing concrete could be utilised on site onsite for construction with the arm to reduce carbon emission employ local builders and up skill the industry of new ways of working with concrete, highlighting the sustainable issues with using alternative materials to Stockton beach sand which use is affecting the habitat of local shore birds.

Areas of special consideration include. Remediation of Mangroves on the north bank due to loss of habitat. 
Repurposing of the Coal rail track into a cycleway and walkway. Re designing the south bank landscape edge from its banal artificial hard edge to the river.

From selected vantage points the viewing of birdlife which are key in the ecosystem could create new opportunities for ecotourism elevating the area from backend industry to a socially and culturally rich experience and a interesting destination for the people of Newcastle and visitors.

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