We created the pale, delicate colours of sunrise, a storm during the afternoon and rich tequila colours of sunset  using the then recently released media facade technology. Cumulus was the first suspended art installation piece in the world to adapt this new technology and it won for us our first Illuminating Engineering Light Sculpture award.  It was published in a world wide survey of light art, Superlux: Smart Light Art, Design & Architecture for Cities, Thames & Hudson, 2015​​​​​​​

''McDermott Baxter’s Cumulus installation is a notable contribution to the ‘smart light cities’ movement that has galvanised public art, urban design and architecture via electro luminescent (digitally controlled) systems of illumination. This inflated, colour-changing form, representing a cloud and suspended above historic stone steps in central Sydney, alludes to both today’s challenges of reforming human destructions of natural environments and the globally dominant wireless networking paradigm of ‘cloud’ computing" Davina Jackson, editor, Superlux: Smart Light Art, Design and Architecture for Cities, Thames & Hudson, 2015

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