Dragons in the Chinese horoscope are traditionally associated with divinity, power and the ability to control weather. Often seen on the robe of emperors, nearly all depictions show them soaring into the sky or emerging from the sea. Whilst connected with tempests, they also bring peace and are benign deities not like the Western fire breathing dragons and they do not have wings.  We wanted the dragon to appear to be emerging from the reflection pool on the lower level of the Concourse and flying off into the clouds thus creating a connection between water and sky.
‘Soaring Dragon’ had a double skin of perforated aluminium internally illuminated with programable LMX nodes. The double skin created  a ‘moire’ effect and added to the structural integrity. The perforated aluminium was gold anodized for daytime presence and more reflectivity at night. ‘Soaring Dragon’  was 6.5m long

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