TERRA INCOGNITA - Accessible art project
When we think of Antarctica, we picture great sheets of white stretching to the horizon. But when Douglas Mawson was forced to spend an unplanned winter in the far-flung region on his ill-fated 1911-14 expedition, he observed that “Antarctica is a world of colour,brilliant and intensely pure...” We were challenged by a visually-impaired friend to create a Vivid installation experience for him and others like him, aswell as for fully-sighted people. Our inspiration came from the diary notes and sketches of Mawson’s expedition. We used a combination of dramatic lighting effects of high visual contrast and colour, and accompanying soundscape, to create an immersive experience for all. A voice-over reads excerpts from Mawson’s diaries; sound effects evoke the harshness of this beautiful but forbidding landscape.
 Light Sponsor: Xenian. Control: DMX. Materials Sponsor:  GKD Metal fabrics.

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